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Abiding Reiki Holistic Healing - Tree with light shining through

 Distant Reiki


Distant Reiki is as it sounds.  It is sent via energy from the Universal Source of Reiki to you.

Free trial session of Distant Reiki:

15 Minutes

$30.00 per hour

Learn Reiki from a Master Reiki Practioner.

Available methods:

Usiu Reiki

This is where it all begins.  There are four levels of Reiki to be learned.  Each level​ ​comes with a symbol you are attuned to​ ​and a certificate of completion.  All courses are online one on one through Zoom.  Each course is 250.00.


Lightarian Reiki


Refer a client to me and after they sign up, you will receive one full hour's Reiki session free of charge.  This is a 75.00 value.

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