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Robin Hannon, Abiding Reiki Holistic Healing

Robin Chestner-Hannon


Rev Robin Hannon is a Reiki /Practitioner whose philosophy is Keeping the Focus on you.

Robin has followed a healing path now for over twenty years. She received my ordination through N.C.I.O.M. and has her Masters in Divinity.

As well Robin is a certified Reiki Master Practitioner/Teacher who knows many different forms of Reiki and is currently a master in the following modalities: Usui Reiki, Japanese Reiki, Lightarian Reiki, Sekem-Sekhim Reiki, Lightarian Reiki and Karuna Reiki.

Release Your Mind

In the past Robin has volunteered with the FMH Regional Cancer Center, and as well at Frances Scott Key Mall Wellness Center by giving Reiki to all that need it.

Treat Your Body

Robin also had the honor of working with Dr. Harold Bob at Season's Hospice of Baltimore Maryland training hospice staff in Reiki techniques and treatments.

Listen to Your Soul

Robin has lectured and done many healing workshops and is now offering online Distant Reiki Sessions and one on one Zoom teaching lessons in Lucid Dreaming. 

She is the Author of the book Dreams and Visions The Fire In My Soul at, and teaches Lucid Dreaming.

Abiding Reiki Holistic Healing Philosophy, Reiki Master Practitioner


It is my intent to use the gifts and talents I have to bring light and to be a facilitator of wholeness and wellness through Reiki as a Reiki Master Practitioner to those that need it.

It is my belief that any move towards wellness and wholeness should be approached carefully, and with reverence and respect.

Each individual is different. No two souls are the same. Along with humility, it is my belief that any Reiki Practitioner must have faith, discernment, and most of all love.

It is the Universal Love or Light manifested through any Reiki Master that does the ultimate work and restores the balance inside you.

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