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Upekkha Reiki 

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Abiding Reiki Holistic Healing - Kanji symbol meaning discard, throw away, abandon, resign, reject sacrifice.

At the end of life is of a special  vibrational quality and reflect on the special needs of person's near death. In assisting a dying patient we wish to accomplish what Reiki Masters have referred to as "transition," we perceive the capacity to channel energy of a special and pure vibrational quality which we refer to as Upekkha Reiki (c).

Upekkha translates roughly as, Equanimity or "evenness of mind under stress." However, it can encompass much more. Ven. Nyanaponika Thera ( describes equanimity as "perfect unshakable balance of mind rooted in insight." He notes that, "to the degree that we forsake "mine" or "self" Equanimity will enter our hearts. Such is the capacity of Upekkha Reiki  to assist the patient near death ("transition"), by channeling Spiritual energy that brings an unshakable calm, and in the stressful time before the severing of the bond between the consciousness and the body, prepares the soul to evolve forward rather than to be held back by fear.

During this time of transition it is important that the  Practitioner remain grounded and in prayers. Revernce and respect for this process is extremely important. By being a facilitator of the transition between life and death, we are stepping out as it were of the realm of life temporarily. In the capacity of facilitator we are in effect holding that person's spiritual hand as they transition out of their body.


Deep grounded breathing, staying focused, and remembering to shield our own spirits will be of tantamount importance as we do this. We cannot allow fear to take hold at any point, as fear is simply negative faith. We have what we manifest, and what we  want to manifest is peace and the Spiritual Energy of Equanimity. In order to maniest this, we first have to have this same spirit working within and without of ourselves.

We view this symbol visualized in our meditations as powerful in symbolizing the Master level of the channeling of Upekkha Reiki (c), The tree is seen by us as the Bodi Tree, and the falling leaves remind us of all that holds us back, fear of pain, fear  of the death to self and to ego, and trepidation at moving  forward and evolving. As leaves fall we stand more bare and more exposed to the universal spirit. We see the spiritual energy of the Buddah, but not the embodiment  of the Buddha, beckoning us from within the Bodi tree offering to be our ascendant guide.

This attunement is exclusive to Abiding Reiki with all rights reserved.  It is an addition to Lightarian Reiki which should be taken prior to taking Upekkah Reiki.  You must have your Masters in Usui Reiki before being attuned to either Lightarian or Upekkah Reiki.   

350.00 will include the attunement and a certificate of completion.

Payable through Paypal friends and family

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