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Healing ourselves

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Universal Healing light
Healing Ourselves

Many of us for varied reasons need to heal ourselves of stress, of negative self talk, anxiety, fear, you name it. Reiki can help to balance not just the mind, but the body and soul.

Simple things like positive self talk, with the intention of healing from infinity to infinity can go a long way. By using some deep breathing techniques, and spending fifteen minutes a day on our self talk we can truly make progress.

For myself the trick was to catch negative thinking that was hindering me. It's not easy it's something that I personally realized I'd been doing without even blingking an eye. What does your negative self talk look like? Examples: I never can do...fill in the blanks, or No one cares why should I, or I can't escape...fill in the blanks. Once we catch these thoughts in action we can breath, and intend the opposite of whatever negative self talk we are indulging in. It feels strange, and it feels as if we are lying to ourselves, but the reality is the negative self talk is the real lie.

Wheter you know Reiki symbols or not, intent is everything. What we believe is what is real. Our mind does not know the difference between what is real in this existance, and what our fears tell us is real. Reiki can balance the energetic field, and mind along with a commitment to changing our thought patterns.

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