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Negative entity attachments?

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Negative entity attachments?

One of the oddest things I've encountered in learning and teaching Reiki is this strange idea that "negative entities" can attach themselves to Reiki Practitioners.

Reiki itself turns off, it can do no harm. So where and how would these "negative entities" attach themselves?

I have to wonder if perhaps there is this thought with some that if they are attacked or beleagured in this way that it makes them somehow more spiritual, more developed, etc?

Fear is a form of negative faith. In many cases we do manifest what we believe. Perhaps fear of such things leads to actual issues with them?

Personally I do not allow fear of such things to take hold in the first place. If I have faith to fear then conversely I have faith to have faith. It takes the same energy to do either, so why not stick with edifying faith?

Many Practitioners will santify their space. One of the Usui symbols is designed for that specifically for example. Others may use candles, sage, prayers, good music, etc. So if the space is then sanctified where would negative entites find a place to enter in? If you are in a totally black room what happens if you light a match? The darkness flees. You simply can't have light and complete darkness in the same physical space. Therefore, it seems to me that if you channel light there should be no room or place for "entities" of any sort.

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