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The Earth Heals Me

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

The Earth Heals Me

There is beauty in a relationship with Mother earth. We are restored by simply placing our bare feet in the grass, and or walking on the ground of Pachamamma.

The wind not only holds me, it blows away my fears, sorrows, and reminds me that it can carry things away that no longer serve me. The wind reminds me that nothing is permanent. That whatever we face it moves like the wind. Like the wind our trials are temporary. We are lifted up in the face of them, or at times brought low, but we can call upon the wind and remind ourselves that we can and do have the strength to let go and let our pain fade into the wind to be carried away.

When we are in pain if we go and literally lean on, hug, or sit beneith a tree, it seems to take our pain, and give us peace.

Who has not been blessed by the sound of birds and or soothed by their song? They sing freely, they do not care who listens, what key it's in, but yet their songs are like the Angel's on the earth.

The sunshine absolutely removes the darkness. I have often said light and dark simply can't dwell in the same place. Go into a dark room, the blackest room and light a match. Suddenly darkness is not nearly as dark. Conversely take away the sun and all you have is absolutely darkness. Therefore seek the sun, seek the light, let it soak into your spirit and soul. Let it go from the top of your head to the soles of your feet, and directly into the center of your body. Let it take away sadness, emptiness, and fill it with light.

Nature does accept who I am and who you are. No matter who or what you are, what you believe, nature is the mother that wants to hold you, to calm you, and to give you peace with it's beauty.

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