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What is Universal Energy?

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

What is Universal Energy?

I had an interesting conversation, it just seems as though I'm led to these sorts of things.

The question was, Reiki people call on Universal Energy. What spirit is that? How do you know if it's light or dark? What are you really calling in? The inference was we were calling on something occult or dark. Furthermore that what we were doing was a false sort of healing, with the inference that only one source truly heals, and it goes along with their faith system.

What I said is the idea of universal energy is not new. In many cultures they say that everything has a spark of energy, or a spark of the divine. Even a simple rock has that spark because it was created with that inherently. Universal energy is not a spirit. It's a spark, it is accessible to everyone, it is the energy of matter, of creation itself.

From atoms, to sub atomic atoms, what holds the world together if not universal energy? To me it's the glue that keeps things in order. If we attribute this to a divine Being then we also have to admit that this Divine Being, (Creator, Source) created using it's own energy in everything it touched, which continues to hold everything together.

Then I was asked is the energy light or dark? My reply was simple, does it heal, does it edify, and does it bring comfort? It's also a matter of faith. If you believe in darkness, then that is what you manifest. Conversely if you believe in light, that is what you will get. If we have faith to fear, which is the fear of darkness in this case, then we also have the faith to have faith that we are bringing light and healing through this universal energy. I have often said, if you take a match to a pitch black room and light it, what happens? The darkness will disperse. Where light is darkness simply can't dwell, and where total darkness is, no light can exist.

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