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More about Reiki

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

More about Reiki

Some questions that have been posed to me about Reiki:

Can Reiki ever harm? No. Reiki will turn off before it would create any harm.

What if the Practitioner is negative or harmful would that energy hurt me? No it would not. Since Reiki turns itself off, it would also protect the receiver from harmful or negative energy from the practitioner.

What does a Reiki session feel like? That is very dependent on the individual. Some people don't necessarily feel much while it's being done, but will notice alleviation of their symptoms. Other people get emotional and cry. Some feel the energy working, others not.

How do I pick the right Reiki Practitioner for me? Always check their training. I have posted all of my Reiki certificates that make me not just a Master Practitioner but a Reiki Teacher. Talk to them, interview them, see if you feel that their style is a fit for you. Ask for a free session. I give a free twenty minute session to potential clients to introduce them to reiki.

Is Reiki New Age? While this question has been hotly debated my conclusion is no. Dr Mikao Usui founded Reiki in the 1800's. A student had asked Dr. Usui how Jesus managed to heal others. This led him on a ten year quest for knowledge. He came to the US and got a Doctorate in Theology. Then he turned to Buddist texts and Sanscrit. He even spent time in a Zen Buddist Monestary pouring through ancient scrolls. After this he went to one of the highest and holiest mountains in Japan on his quest for healing knowledge. He was there for 21 days when his mind opened and he was given the knowledge and symbols for Reiki.

How does Reiki work? Reiki works with Universal energy. In the Reiki system there are centers along the spine that carry energy. These centers are called Chakras. A Reiki Master Practitioner can tell by the energy in the spine which Chakras are affected. By using techiques that Reiki provides, they can move stagnent energy, and or help affected areas. The prevailing wisdom is that when these centers in the body are blocked, illness results. This in some way is not dissimilar to Chiropractic, other than Reiki people manipulate the energetic spine and Chiropractors the physical spine.

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