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The Truth Revealed about Dennis Payne Blackfeathers Jr, and Valdora Whitewater.

Updated: Mar 15

For eight years I've been a victim of stolen identity, hacking, slander, libel, and criminal mischief from Dennis Payne Blackfeathers Jr. and Valdora Whitewater.

A small background someone hacked my computer. They went on a site pretending to be me called New Age Fraud. Whoever this was knew much about the history and background of a hotly disputed group called First Nation Chickamauga. My guess is it was an insider who had it out for the two of them, and for me for whatever reason. The crazy thing is first they say they are me, then they say they are a 64-year-old man, carded and Native. No clue which it is, but shouldn't that be enough for this site to say they have been messed with and that maybe it's not what it appears to be?

Both Valdora Whitewater and Dennis Payne Blackfeathers Jr. refused to believe me when I told them I was not in Maryland. I was in Kauai Hawaii with no computer access and there is proof with receipts I was there when this happened not in Maryland.

The site they were put on insisted the person had my particular IP therefore it was me. However, I was in Kauai, and anything I posted would have a Kauai IP. My husband is an IT professional for 40-plus years. He believed that they used an old email to find my IP and then remote-controlled my computer.

Both Dennis Payne belonged to a group called ONAC. He accused me of being a part of it. For a few months I was, but I realized the hornets' nest I'd managed to get into. I gave back any paperwork and had them remove me. You will see this in the letter to me below from ONAC. I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner, but I contacted ONAC, which is a church with a native bent he and Valdora Whitewater belonged to. Allegations from both Dennis Payne Blackfeathers Jr, and Valdora Whitewater were I belonged to their ONAC group while attacking them. I needed some proof that this was not what it appeared to be.

Please NOTE they were removed from ONAC as "distrusted" and their groups were dissolved by ONAC. Distrust is a mild word for these two. They are slandering, libeling, lying, miscreants.

Dennis Payne Blackfeaters Jr. is a career criminal with an extensive record. This includes possible arson, running someone over with a truck, stealing, and more. Valdora was also considered distrusted. It is unclear what Valdora's role was in the arson, but the question was and still is, was she involved?

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