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The Gift Of Reiki. Why is Reiki the best gift one can share?

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Healing Reiki Hands
Why is Reiki the best gift you can share?

Reiki is one of the most gentle and healing modalities you can try. It does not require you do to anything but to receive from the Reiki Practitioner. It is like being wrapped in a warm blanket of loving energy.

With all the stress right now, financially, politically, and otherwise, Reiki is like taking a mini vacation. Just let go and relax as Reiki works to ground and calm.

Reiki is like the ocean and tides, it comes and takes away your pains, your aches, all the things that do not serve, and releases it with the tide of Energy.

One of the people I treated was my friend Richard Thunderwolf Wilson. Richard suffered from several forms of cancer at once. Once was in his spine and was excruciatingly painful. He had a unique blood condition that required specialized chemotherapy. While Richard was not miraculously healed, I wanted to quote his own words about the gift that Reiki was to him.

"Robin is an excellent Master Reiki Practitioner who has been with me through the hardest and worst battles of my life with cancer. Her Reiki healings would always leave me feeling rested, hopeful, and renewed. She had an amazing gift honing in on what hurt even before I told her. Even when I wanted to give up, the Reiki she gave would renew my strength and courage. Often the pain was far less, but even more amazing any fear I had of passing would just leave. There was a sense of equanimity and peace that was beyond any physical symptoms I was experiencing." Sincerely, Richard Thunderwolf Wilson.

One of the most intimate and healing things I've done is couples Reiki healing. In some cases one or both of the couples were experiencing physical illness. In other cases emotional or mental distress that was affecting not just the health of the couple, but the marriage itself. Giving Reiki as a gift together can renew the good in any relationship and focus on the spiritual aspect of it as well.

Jerry and Maya Darton had said of the Reiki sessions: "It was better than any marriage counseling. We would often go in annoyed, angry, frustrated, or just plain worn out. Marriage is never easy, but the pressures of today's society make it even more difficult. By doing a joint Reiki session we could truly not just share our burdens, but the release of them. I can't say enough positive things about the effects of Reiki, so much so that we both took her courses and are now doing couples counseling combined with Reiki. Along with being a great Reiki Practitioner Robin was an amazing teacher. Thank you for setting us on this path." Jerry and Maya Darton

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This season give your loved one the gift of Reiki and healing, Ask me how.

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