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Lightbulb moment on hate

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Lightbulb moment on hate

I had a moment of clarity today about hate that I want to share.

What is a hater? Brief definition is:

1) A person who greatly dislikes a specific person or thing

2) Actively negative or critical of the difference in humanity, can lead to hate crimes for example, slander, libel, stereotyping, or profiling based on race. One can also say that a hater is actively in the process of hate or hating.

Now here is the interesting part. What is hateful?

1) Arousing, deserving of, or filled with hatred.

Think of that for a second and let it sink in. Hatred is literally being filled with hate. It is active, it is destructive, it is moving, and it is contagious, aka Hate-full. This is not joy-ful or filled with joy. It is not beauti-ful or filled with beauty. Hate fills up, corrupts, warps, destroys like a flood. It unleashes the constraints of norm, and leads to a feeling of perverse power, destruction, and joy in the pain of others.

When we choose to be full of light, we are literally again flooded with it. We are full of compassion, love, wholeness, wellness, joy, beauty, the list goes on. We are and can be vessels of the divine. What is more impressive is that this is a free will choice we can make each day of our lives. We can be full of light or conversely hate-ful.

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