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The Prosperity Theory

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

The Prosperity Theory
The Prosperity Theory

I want to go over the Prosperity theory, where I can agree, and where I diverge:

Prosperity is indeed a state of mind in which one experiences happiness and peace. It is not only financial but prosperity includes that of the soul, such as peace, love, wisdom, health, etc.

It is a very good thing to be in a attitude of expectancy, open to ideas, inspirations, and that which flows from Source. It is also true that we should not accept defeat. There are two types of faith, faith to fear, and faith to have faith. In my mind, if you have faith to fear, you have faith to have faith, so why not choose the latter!

Furthermore having money is not a sin. Not in itself. As long as you can keep a balanced view of money, and it is not the ultimate goal, of course it's not a sin.

Having said where I agree, where we disagree I wanted the opportunity to share with you my own thoughts.

Theory 1: Each day, declare within your mind that GOD IS YOUR TRUE SOURCE OF SUPPLY I am prosperous, in my soul, and in my heart. My prosperity is based on my relationship with Spirit, Universe, the Divine. I am prosperous because I chose to surrender to Source, to be an open vessel. I am prosperous because my heart is always yearning for that deep relationship in which Source is my parent. I am respectful of Source, I seek Source for Itself, not what it can give me.

Theory 2: DON'T ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE INFLUENCED by those around you who love to talk about how hard times are. I see nothing wrong with compassionate listening. The reality of life is that hard times will come. It is important to seek out support in times of trouble. To refuse to listen is not just cruel, it's selfish.

Theory 3: ASSOCIATE ONLY WITH THOSE WHO HAVE A POSITIVE ATTITUDE about prosperity and money. I diverge greatly here. Given this line of thought perhaps we should not associate with Jesus. After all he never had a bank account. He served his Father in all humility, as a sacrificial lamb. He never asked for anything in return, but laid down his life for his mission. Perhaps then we should refrain from seeking fellowship with the likes of Mother Teresa, or Gandhi. After all they did not own much, they did not seek financial gain. How is it that we confuse spirituality with financial gain? This is a vain, self centered belief that somehow we are entitled to riches, and that this is not only our divine right, but a ruler to ascertain who is more spiritual than whom.

Theory 4: BEING SPIRITUAL IS HAVING MONEY. It affirms a loving God that provides. It is no sin to have money but when you start saying that being spiritual is having money, I can't accept that. Money comes and goes. It is not the acquiring of earthy riches that determines spirituality, but rather the nurturing of our relationship with Source or the Divine. There is no correlation between being spiritual and necessarily having money. Soul prosperity yes! Money will come as you seek the betterment of your soul, but...IT IS NOT A GAGE OF SPIRITUALITY.

In my personal opinion if we surrender to Source, and seek prosperity of mind, soul, and body, the money will be provided. We must remember that our connection to Source is an eternal process meant for the betterment of our souls. If we seek that first, and become the light and source with a prosperous soul, the rest will be added, because we have sought Source first. Can spirituality be proven? Proven to whom?! Who can judge someone, "spiritual" or not? That is between the person themselves and Source to judge.

We must seek Source for the betterment of our souls, and the prosperity of our spirit not for the money. By the same token we seek souls of enlightenment on the path rich or poor, for what they have learned along the way!

Prosperity is not just financial. It includes love, health, and happiness. It is wealth in all areas of life. Wealth comes and goes, but true prosperity of soul and spirit is eternal.

The biggest error I see is name it claim it, which is the erroneous belief that one may acquire "things" through faith. God or Source is not a heavenly vending machine. The American mentality is one of instant gratification, giving to get, a sense of entitlement, and treasuring things above Spirit. This name it-claim it theology misses the mark. It is a means to an end to receive more "things" but has nothing to do with a personal relationship and or personal connection to Source. If you have this connection your prosperity is unlimited, not just the newest car, or the biggest home, etc.

Theory 4: FREQUENT PLACES IN YOUR CITY WHERE THERE IS AFFLUENCE. Pick up on the psychic vibrations. Let your being be permeated with prosperity vibrations.

So we should in effect feed greed, avarice, and covet material things instead of feeding our need for Spirit, and for the things of it? This promotes selfishness, greed and narcissism in an unprecedented way. It becomes more about accumulating things, than it does about cultivating a servant's heart.

Theory 5: GO INTO THE FINEST STORES. Try on expensive clothing, even if you don't have the money to buy at the moment. Get the psychic vibratory feeling of wearing expensive clothes.

How is this a reasonable principle to even suggest? It goes along with theory 4 above. While there is nothing wrong with liking nice things if one can afford it, it should not be our focus. When our focus is on accumulation of things, we forget that we need to keep the fires burning of a relationship with the Divine.

Theory 6: DON'T ACCEPT NEGATIVE THOUGHTS INTO YOUR MIND THAT SAY YOU ARE LACKING. Reject them immediately! Affirm, instead, that you are prosperous already and that Source, is supplying your every need. This is magical thinking, stinking thinking at best. Source is not a heavenly vending machine or your ATM. As well Source is not a Butler to serve, in effect we are to serve Source. This is cult like, it is brain washing, and it does not take into account humanity, need, or that good and bad fall on all on.

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